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When it comes to your automobiles brakes your vehicle wants to stop at Half Price Auto Repair for all your braking needs.

We provide complete brake service to customers from all areas and multiple locations including Jackson, Campbellsport, Milwaukee, Germantown, Kewaskum, Belgium, Fredonia, Kohler, Sheboygan, Menomonee

Falls, Mequon, Thiensville, Cedarburg, Grafton, Saukville Slinger, Lomira, Richfield, Allenton, Newburg , Hartford and West Bend.

At Half Price Auto Repair nothing will make you stop faster than a precision brake repair. We offer complete brake system replacement. So whether you’re from Mequon Cedarburg or Grafton and your car is in need of calipers rotors or brake pads you’ve stopped at the right place. If you’re looking for complete brake line replacement or just a repair Half Price Auto repair and service can custom make brake lines to fit just about any vehicle? We offer brake line replacement in 3 different materials. Steel brake line which is the most inexpensive material available, coated steel brake line usually covered in a zinc or epoxy material to keep them from rusting on the outside. This brake line works well for places that are easily accessible without areas where the epoxy coating of the brake line can be rubbed off on any sharp metal objects during the brake line routing process. Since there are many areas under your vehicle where the brake lines will need to be custom bent and then routed up, over or under certain sections of your car it’s easy for this brake line to come into contact with these sharp parts of your underbody. If this happens the coating will simply scrap off leaving you with bare metal that can easily rust. Epoxy coated steel brake line isn’t much more expensive then plan steel brake line. However, like I explained the coating on these lines can get scraped off. We also want to inform you that inside those steel brake lines there is no epoxy or zinc alloy coating to protection them so as they rust that rusted material is carried throughout your vehicle and collects in the important parts of your braking system. Such as brake calipers, ABS hydraulic units, Brake hoses, Brake master cylinders and so on. I’m sure you get the picture? Therefore we recommend using copper nickel brake line as a replacement. This brake line holds up great for Wisconsin winters and I’m sure if you’re living in Kewaskum, Fredonia or Belgium you’re willing to pay a few dollars more on brake line materials that won’t leave you stranded on a country road with a blown brake line this winter. When it comes to automobile brake components Half Price Auto Repair will always recommend the highest quality brake parts available but in the end the final decision is always left up to you. We offer a variety of different brake parts as well such as none-asbestos organic brake pads, semi metallic brake pads, low metallic brake pads and ceramic brake pads. Each one of our brake pad sets comes with either a 1 year warranty, 2 year warranty or lifetime warranty on parts only. The difference in brake pad material once again differs greatly and all brake pads are definitely not created equal and if you’re calling around for prices you really need to know what the other guy is selling you. That’s why at Half Price Auto repair it’s our job to let you know exactly what you’re paying for. If your coming from Hartford,Slinger or Jackson we want you to know the difference in all our brake pads brake rotors and calipers. Here is the main difference in each brake pad so you can decide for yourself what you want on your car.

Ceramic brake pads and more expensive but offer superior performance for the everyday casual driver. Metallic brake pads perform better under intense demands like racing so there is always a trade off.

Metallic brake pads like to squeal a lot when your brakes are applied. Ceramic brake pads are a lot less noisy than Metallic brake pads. Ceramic brake pads offer almost no dust so your rims will stay very clean. The bad news Ceramic brake pads are more abrasive on your rotors than metallic brake pads so you could wear the brake rotor a little sooner. Performance is also a trade off because ceramic brake pads are inferior to metallic brake pads under extreme conditions like racing, towing or heavy trucking. Heat dissipation also differs greatly between the two. Ceramic brake pads cool more quickly but pull less heat from the rotor. Metallic brake pads will retain more heat but at the same time pull more heat from the rotor than ceramic pads. We could talk for days about the difference in brake pads but at Half Price Auto Repair we will always help you understand and determine what is best for your vehicle and your driving needs. We believe if you’re traveling from any surrounding areas like Milwaukee, Fredonia or Jackson you need to know the difference in what we offer. Not only is there a big difference between brake pads but brake rotors as well. I decided to do a little research myself and I found that the Development of disc brakes actually began in England right around the 1870’s. That’s probably about the same time cast iron rotors were introduced the only problem for these brake rotors is the weight that comes with them. Steel rotors are another choice for brake rotors and are great if you love to race around. This brake rotor is very thin and light weight however they can warp very easy causing your brake pedal to pulsate. This pulsation effect can not only be annoying but also very damaging to your vehicles front end if left alone. As your vehicle shakes it is causing heavy strain on wheel bearings, outer tie rods, upper ball joints, inner tie rods, lower ball joints, alignment and many more crucial parts of your vehicle. Layered steel rotors are another option and are perfect for racers because they are almost impossible to warp but trying to find these brake rotors for a passenger car might not only prove impossible but also costly. Aluminum brake rotors are great for small cars or motorcycles because they dissipate heat very quickly but can melt if they get too hot. Ceramic rotors are by far the best rotors out there however unless you’re driving a Maserati or other above average sports car they probably won’t be a good option for your vehicle that’s why if you’re traveling from Kewaskum,Campbellsport or Slinger Half Price Auto Repair is definitely worth the trip. We only use High Carbon Rotor. These rotors carry a 3 year warranty verses 2 and are a mix of iron with carbon. Because of the high carbon content they are not only extremely hard to warp but smooth when stopping. They can take just about any abuse most drivers can throw at them. At Half Price Auto repair and service we not only give you options but the best parts and labor warranty you’re going to find.Like everything we sell even our brake calipers carry a great warranty. Depending on your vehicle needs brake calipers offer a 1 2 or lifetime warranty. Pricing can vary greatly depending on if your vehicle has 1, 2 or 4 piston Calipers. The purpose of the caliper piston is to squeeze the brake pad against the rotor to stop the vehicle. As you apply the brake pedal brake fluid is pumped from the master cylinder through the abs unit then through your vehicles brake lines and hoses until it reaches the brake caliper. Once there the caliper piston is forced out and onto the brake pad. The more brake Pistons your caliper has the more pressure can be applied. Calipers can come fixed meaning they are mounted to a bracket with no slide pins or they can have pins and bushing. Calipers can be purchased with or without brackets and can also be purchased loaded meaning they even come with brake pads.

Half Price Auto Repair also services ABS systems in West Bend, Slinger Menomonee Falls and all surrounding areas. ABS stands for anti-lock braking system. The purpose of ABS is safety. Your ABS system will activate anytime your vehicle senses a skid. In the event you start to lose control due to tire lock up causing your vehicle to slide your ABS system will automatically release the brake until your wheel is no longer in a slipping condition thus giving you maximum braking and steering potential. Your ABS system contains many components depending on the design and type of the ABS system your vehicle could need any of the following. Front left wheel speed sensor, front right wheel speed sensor, rear left wheel speed sensor, rear right wheel speed sensor, , cv or constant velocity shafts, front or rear wheel bearings with ABS, ABS Control module,ABS Modulator Valve and more.

Remember not all brake parts are created equal so if your coming from Milwaukee, Germantown or Kewaskum we will make certain your trip to Half Price Auto Repair was worth every mile.

Half Price Auto Repair services brakes on all car manufactures listed below.

Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

Half Price Auto Repair also offers these truck and car brake system replacements or services.

Brake bleeding, brake fluid flushing/brake fluid replacement. Brake caliper installation, brake shoe or brake pad and brake rotor replacement, brake hose, wheel cylinders or brake drum replacement, brake master cylinders and brake booster replacement, , ABS sensors, ABS control units, Brake drums, Brake hardware, brake self adjusters, brake hoses, Parking brake cable replacement/emergency brake cable replacement, parking brake shoe replacement and more

No matter what your braking needs are Half Price Auto Repair will stop you quicker, quieter and safer utilizing the highest quality of parts on the market. You can rest assure your loved ones will come home safely tonight.

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