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Flushing and Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your automobile in Tip-Top condition maintenance is critical. If you’re commuting from Milwaukee to Sheboygan everyday don’t wait until you’re stranded on the side of the road before you perform maintenance on your vehicle, For that reason Half-Price Auto Repair offers full service maintenance and flushes for every key component of your vehicle. Utilizing Wynn’s titanium products and equipment your vehicle will have the service it needs to deal with today’s harsh environments. Serving areas like Mequon, Thiensville, Cedarburg and Grafton Half-Price Auto Repair has multiple maintenance packages. We offer top notch flushing equipment and products on most vehicles listed below.

Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

If you’re coming from Kewaskum and you need a power steering flush or you just drove up from Germantown with a vehicle that’s in dire need of some injector cleaning Half-Price Auto Repair is once again your One Stop Shop for all repairs and maintenance.

We offer more flushing products, services and high quality equipment than like Power steering fluid exchanges and fluid flushing, transmission fluid exchange, filter kit service, transmission flush with conditioners and additives including full synthetic transmission fluid, Power cooling system flushing with extended life coolant, cleaners , conditioners and stop leak. If your heat is not blowing that warm this winter it probably means you have a plugged heater core faulty thermostat or faulty water pump. Not maintaining your engine coolant could mean expensive repair bills down the road like a radiator or head gasket, If your vehicle’s lacking Heat let Half-Price Auto Repair back flush your heater core. It can be the difference between heat or no heat this winter. Back flushing a heater core is always much cheaper then replacing it. Flushing your engine coolant and heater core with the right products equipment and know how can help save you a lot of time and expense when it comes to your vehicles engine components. Flushing your vehicle with the right products and mix also keeps your car from overheating in summer and from freezing in winter. Too much water in your cooling system and your engine will freeze not enough antifreeze and your vehicle can overheat causing internal engine damage or head gasket failure. When Half-Price Auto repair flushes your vehicle the radiator is also cleaned keeping your radiator free of any and all debris means your engine will run smooth and cool and that’s important if you’re in a traffic jam or sitting at a stoplight.

If your vehicle isn’t running like it used to and you’re from Germantown, Slinger or Jackson stop in today and let Half Price Auto Repair tune-up and flush your throttle body intake and Injectors

Most people don’t realize the importance of injector cleaning here are just a few symptoms or signs saying your injectors may be in need of attention.

Hard starting

Rough idle

Throttle hesitation

Pre-ignition sometimes heard as that pinging sound

Overall poor engine performance

Decreased gas mileage

Properly working injectors are important because they pressurize fuel and deliver it to the engine in a fine mist pattern. Almost immediately from the day you purchase your vehicle deposits from the burning fuel start building up in the aperture, decreasing the injector’s performance. Most vehicles should have their injectors cleaned starting at around 35000 Miles

When it comes to your power steering system Half Price Auto repair and service offers all areas around West Bend including Slinger, Kewaskum, Jackson and Hartford the most extensive flushing available today. Our flushing compounds and machines are best way to remove the tiny metal particles that slowly grind away your power steering systems internal components such as the power steering hoses, Power Steering pump, rack and pinion and or gear box. As components and o-rings wear, the fluid will become contaminated with metal and rubber particles when this happens it forces the power- steering pump to work harder because now the pump has to pump little chunks instead of just fluid and eventually this will cause a breakdown or lose of your power steering. If you hear a whining or moaning noise when turning your steering wheel, you should have your power-steering system checked because your power-steering pump may be about to fail. When the power steering system is making noise it may be too late to flush your system but by flushing your power steering you may be able to prolong the life of your already damaged pump. Don’t wait for damage to occur your vehicle is an investment you can’t afford to lose. Most Vehicles should be flushed starting at 30,000 Miles

When it comes to Transmission services Half Price Auto repair is your knowledge super store . When it comes to deciding whether you should flush your transmission fluid or simply exchange the fluid, the first thing to understand is the key differences between the two.

Here are the two significant differences between a transmission service and or flush sometimes called a fluid exchange. When doing a transmission flush a special machine is hooked up to the transmission via transmission cooler lines during this service about 100 % of the transmission fluid is replaced this includes all fluid in the lines, torque convertor, transmission valve body, radiator and cooler assemblies. The Second less effective method is called a pan drop. This service replaces about 40-45% or (4 to 6 quarts) of the transmission fluid however this method can be useful because it also allows a tech to view any debris that may have worn off the internal working parts of the transmission. It is also recommended to change the filter of the transmission at this time. Either method is helpful when prolonging the life of your transmission however if you like your vehicle its best to just do both at the same time.

At Half Price Auto Repair we have all your vehicles flushing needs and wants. We service (Flush) all areas including Hartford, Newburg and Allenton

Don’t wait for your transmission to start shifting poorly or not at all before you decide you want a flush.

Don’t wait for your transmission fluid to turn brown and smell burnt in order for you to bring it in, Most manufactures recommended fluid change at 30,000 or 2 years which ever come first. Remember a transmission flush and transmission fluid changes are two completely different services.

When your vehicle needs a brake fluid flush and you’re coming from Belgium, Mequon or Grafton stop on in to Half Price Auto Repair to get the job done.

Why should I get a brake fluid flush? This is a question I get all the time. When it comes to brake fluids like Dot 3 or dot 4 they are hygroscopic (water absorbing) which means they absorb moisture from everyday air especially high humidity areas like Wisconsin. When this happens you’re allowing moisture to get into the system this leads to nasty bits of rust inside and also causes your brake fluid to boil due to high water content all this adds up to your brake system being compromised increased stopping distance and decreased stopping power.

Brake flushing involves installing 4 lines to your system. Each line is then opened via switching valves on the flushing machine which then sends vacuum to each line as new fluid enters old fluid is removed. Our brake fluid machine will convert your dot 3 to dot 4 brake fluid. What’s the difference you ask? Dot 4 has borate ester to withstand higher temperatures. Flush your brake system at 30,000

Anytime Half Price Auto Repair does a job we always like to outwit, outshine and outperform or competition just like our products and services they have to be the best. It’s like the saying go big or stay home. So when it’s time to clean your engine and your coming from Cedarburg, Grafton or Mequon looking for the best Half Price Auto repair has done it again with our use of Wynn’s products and equipment.

With time even the best engine oil deteriorates and contaminates the engine with gums and varnish deposits that a simple oil change just cannot remove. Any new oil may be compromised and be contaminated by deposits left behind.

Extended service intervals are placing higher demands on today’s engine oils, making it now even more important to ensure that the new oil is given the optimum chance to protect the engine.

Most engine flushes are solvent-type products, they tend to reduce the lubrication of the oil. If this type of flush is left in the engine too long mechanical damage can occur and engine seals can affected. Damage may not be visible but is irreversible.

Wynn’s Engine Flush has been formulated to gently dissolve and remove internal engine contaminants by suspending them in a high level of dispersants. The non-solvent formula assures maximum drainage of the contaminants with the used oil, thereby minimising new oil contamination.

Features & Benefits:

Extends engine life & prepares engine prior to Oil & Filter Change

Dissolves varnish, sludge and other contaminants from vital engine parts

Prepares engine to optimise new oil & filter life

Solvent Free, will not damage seats

Recommended for new or old petrol, diesel & LPG engines

Differential fluids are the most overlooked neglected and underestimated fluids on your vehicle. They never get the attention or nourishments your oil or antifreeze seems to get yet if they fail so will your car.

The purpose of your differential oil is to lubricate and cool the ring and pinion gears. These gears utilize a set of teeth that mesh perfectly together to transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles this in turn rotates your tires. Most of the time you will never know you’re running low on fluid or having any problems at all. Sometimes if you’re really lucky you may hear a whining or whirring noise coming from the front or rear differentials however by then it could already be too late. One thing is for certain changing your differential fluids and even upgrading them is going to be way cheaper then replacing it. It is very understandable why people don’t know about these fluids and it’s our job here at Half Price Auto Repair to educate our customers of the importance of these flushes and other routine vehicle maintenance.When you put the cost of doing routine maintenance or flushes into perspective if anyone of these engine components fails the cost of replacing just one of them will most likely cost less than if you were to have flushed everyone of your fluids.

Remember your vehicle depends on you to take it in for the check-up it needs just like you depend on your doctor to keep you healthy. Half-Price Auto Repair is what your vehicle prescribes when it comes to its maintenance. We also serve Slinger, Jackson and Menomonee Falls so what are you waiting for? Most of our flushes in maintenance can be done while you wait.

We flush customers from all areas and multiple locations. Jackson, Campbellsport, Milwaukee, Germantown, Kewaskum , Belgium, Fredonia, Kohler, Sheboygan, Menomonee, Falls, Milwaukee, Mequon, Thiensville, Cedarburg, Grafton, Hartford, Saukville, Slinger, Lomira, Richfield, Allenton, Newburg and West bend


Wynn’s heritage of automotive excellence dates back to 1939 and that leadership continues today with an array of products designed to effectively treat and improve your car’s engine. We remain as relevant today as we were in the humble beginnings of an old one car garage in California so many years ago.

Cooling System Exchange/Flush

Cooling System Service

The Wynn’s Pneumatic Coolant Machine provides a faster, more efficient preferred way of performing a coolant drain and fill service. This operator- friendly machine provides uncomplicated and efficient vacuum removal of old coolant fluid and refill of new coolant.

The Vacuum Coolant Machine offers the ability to perform a quick, non-labor intensive cooling system service, extending the life of the cooling system. The service facilitates easy removal of the old coolant fluid.

Cooling Kit

Half Price Auto utilizes a Wynn’s 2-Step Cooling System Service Kit that chemically cleans and conditions your vehicle’s coolant system and provides protection against radiator and heater core leaks.

Brake Fluid Exchange/Flush

The Wynn’s Brake Fluid Exchange Machine provides a complete brake fluid exchange, simultaneously filling and vacuuming the brake system for a fast, effective service.

Heavy Duty DOT 4 Brake Fluid

Meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 116 and SAE J1703.

Exceeds DOT 4 requirements for use in hydraulic brake systems of most cars, trucks, buses and heavy-duty vehicles.

Compatible with all DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids.

Lubricates and protects rubber and metal components of the braking system.

Provides superior protection against vapor lock by maintaining a high boiling point in service.

Driveline Fluid Exchance/Flush

The Wynn’s Driveline Fluid Exchange Machine provides an efficient removal and replacement of used gear oil from the driveline system.

75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil with Limited Slip Friction Modifier 64 oz

Fully Synthetic Formula

Outstanding Low Temperature Performance and High Temperature Oxidation Stability.

Excellent Anti-Wear and Extreme-Pressure Properties.

Friction Modifier blended in at optimal treatment rate.

75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil

Fully Synthetic Formula.

Outstanding Low Temperature Performance and High Temperature Oxidation Stability.

Excellent Anti-Wear and Extreme-Pressure Properties.

SAE 75W-85 Synthetic Gear Oil With Friction Modifier 64 oz

Wynn’s SAE 75W-85 Synthetic Gear Oil with Limited Slip Friction Modifier is formulated to provide superior protection for vehicle Differentials or Manual Transmissions where GL-5 gear oils are specified. This premium product helps to maximize component life, reduce friction and wear, and enhance limited slip performance. For Rear and Four Wheel Drive Passenger Cars, Trucks, and Sport Utility Vehicles.

Power Steering Exchange / Flush

The Wynn’s Power Steering Fluid Exchange Machine allows for routine servicing of the power steering fluid system, extending component life, maintaining peak performance and reducing expensive repairs.stem.

2-Step Power Steering Service Kit

Wynn’s Power Steering Flush Kit restores power steering performance by cleaning and removing impurities from the power steering system, revitalizing seals and O-rings and stops/prevents leaks which can damage power steering system components.

Transmission Fluid Exchange / Flush

Extending the life of a transmission has just been made easier with the Wynn’s Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine with Dipstick Mode providing ability to service most vehicles.

2-Step Premium Transmission Service Kit

Wynn’s 2-Step Premium Automatic Transmission Service kit uses Wynn’s Automatic Transmission Flush to safely breakdown varnish and suspend it in used fluid to make easy removal of deposits during the service. Premium Automatic Transmission Treatment uses a synthetic base oil formula to enhance new ATF’s ability to resist oxidation, provide seal protection and provide anti-wear protection.

Complete Fuel System Cleaning / Flush

Power Charge

Power Charge contains a highly concentrated Polyetheramine (PEA) detergent which can be used in any grade of gasoline at any alcohol content. Power Charge provides cleaning of injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers in a single application. In addition to (PEA) Power Charge contains a patented combustion catalyst which gives an immediate performance and fuel economy boost.

3-Step Fuel System Service Kit

3-Step Fuel System Service Kit cleans away gum and varnish, lubricates the throttle plate, removes intake valve deposits, injector deposits and intake plenum deposits for effective preventive maintenance cleaning of gasoline vehicle fuel systems.

Deep Engine Clean / Flush

Titanium Oil Service Kit

Wynn’s Titanium Oil Service Kit is a 2-step service kit containing Wynn’s Oil System Cleaner a pre-oil change detergent-based engine cleaner, that safely removes varnish and oil system deposits and prepares your vehicle’s crankcase for fresh oil. Wynn’s Titanium Oil Service Kit helps protect the critical components of your vehicle’s engine. Supreme Plus reduces friction and engine wear helping to extend the life of your vehicle’s enginew we do business compared to our competitors on Tires and auto repair and service. Every Tire we install on your vehicle will have the inside rim vigorously polished of all debris from the mounting surface of rim. Then your tires are sealed and glued to the rim to prevent slow leaks from occurring during those cold winter nights for maximum performance. Each tire is then computerized spin balanced for smooth vehicle handling at high rates of speed. Free lifetime tire rotations are included in every Tire we sell and if you ever have a slow leak or catch a nail in one of your tires just bring it back half-price auto repair and service and will repair it for free if its repairable. There are never any hidden fees or gimmicks when it comes to purchasing tires from us. There is never buy 3 get 1 free or buy a set of 4 tires and the alignment is free. Everyone knows nothing is free and we pride ourselves on our honesty. Lifetime rotations, wheel weights, bead sealing, disposal and patching are included in every tire we sell. No hidden fees. That’s why it’s worth the trip to half-price auto repair even if you live in any of the surrounding areas like Campbellsport, Kewaskum, Menomonee Falls, Germantown or Milwaukee. For a wide variety of tires to choose from half-price auto repair and service is your One-Stop shop for all your tire needs. Check out our list of available tires and see why half-price auto repair is always one step ahead of our competition. Omni, API, BF Goodrich, BKT, Bridgestone, Carlisle, Continental, Cooper, cordovan, Countrywide spec, Cultor, Crop Max, Deestone, Delinte, Dunlop, Dunlop Kyle spec, El Dorado, Falken, Firestone, Fuzion, Good ride, Goodyear, green ball, Guardian, Hankook, Kelly, Kenda, Kumho, Long March, Mastercraft, Maxxis, Michelin, Milestar, mitas, Multi Mile, Multi Mile specialty, Nankang, Nexen, Nokian tires, O green Commercial Tire, Payload, Radar, Republic, Roadmaster, Sigma, Sutong, TBC neutral, Tire Co, Toyo, Trelleborg, Tubes, Uniroyal, Wanli, Westlake, Yokohama and Mickey Thompson.

That’s right we carry every brand of tire a person could desire that’s why you will never have to go anywhere else but half-price auto repair and service. After every tire installation an alignment must be performed that’s why if you live in Jackson Slinger or Kewaskum half-price auto repair is once again your One-Stop shop for alignments. We spared no expense when it came to aligning your vehicle and our alignment machine is the most modern and up-to-date alignment machine on the market today. We didn’t just want to match our alignment competition we want to surpass our alignment competitors. That’s right all alignment racks are not created equal. Our computerized top of the line alignment rack will give you an alignment as if you rolled off the Factory floor and if you’re not happy with the alignment just bring it back and we will do it over for free. Just to put our alignment rack into perspective we would have to do over 90,000 alignments just break even on the machine. At half-price auto repair and service it’s not just about numbers it’s about the quality and the service we can provide to our customers no matter where they are from or what they can afford. Never sacrifice quality for price or safety That’s why when it comes automotive service and repair it doesn’t matter if you live in Menomonee Falls Germantown or Mequon we are always worth the trip.

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