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When it comes to your vehicles ride there is nothing more annoying than a bunch of noises coming from somewhere outside your vehicle. If every bump you hear a clunk it’s probably safe to say it’s time to have it looked at. Remember vibrations either in your vehicles steering wheel or seat of your pants could definitely be a signal something bad maybe about to happen. Don’t wait until your tire falls off before you take it in. Your cars vibrations and noises are trying to tell you something. Not knowing can prove disastrous not only for your car but for those you love. A car that drives fine doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with it. A little noise here and there doesn’t mean everything is fine. That’s why if you’re from any neighboring areas like Campbellsport, Kewaskum or Jackson Half Price Auto Repair wants you to know there is no charge for us to go for a test drive with you or to check your suspension for any safety issues. There are many key components to your vehicles suspension and it’s critical they are working properly to not only give you a smooth ride but a safe one. Half Price Auto Repair Services Shocks and Struts for any of these following cities. WestBend,NewburgAllenton,Richfield,Lomira,Slinger,Milwaukee,KewaskumGermantown,Belgium,Fredonia,Kohler,Sheboygan,Menomoness,Falls,Mequon,Thiensville,Cedarburg,Grafton,Jackson, Saukville and Campbellsport. Half Price Auto Shocks and struts are available in a 1 year warranty shock or strut, 2 year warranty shock or strut and even a lifetime warranty shock or strut. Half Price Auto shocks and struts are also available in different brands such as

Gabriel Ultra Shocks

Monroe Max Air

Monroe Gas Magnum

Monroe OE Spectrum

Bilstein B6 HD Shocks

KYB MonoMax

Koni Coil-Over Shocks

KYB AGX Adjustable Shock

Bilstein B8 Sport Series

The Difference in these shocks is not just about the cost or the brand it’s also about comfort and control. Without Shocks or Struts your vehicle would feel like you’re driving a lumber wagon. You would feel every bump and groove there is on the road. While Shocks and Struts Don’t Support your vehicle they do smooth out the roads unevenness this smoothness not only keeps your teeth from bouncing out of your mouth but also helps maintain control since it’s the shocks and struts that keep the tires in contact with the road. At Half Price Auto Repair we want you to know if your coming from Richfield Mequon or Grafton to have us service your vehicle the better your shocks or struts are the better your driving experience will be.

When replacing shocks or struts it is also best to think about the springs. If your vehicle springs are weak maybe it’s a good idea to replace your springs at the same time as your shocks or struts. A cars coil springs otherwise known as suspension springs are large coils that compress to absorb heavy impacts like unforeseen pot holes in the road. Like struts and shocks they also improve the quality of your ride by reducing the bounce in your vehicle however springs are what give your vehicle its height. Without springs your vehicle would probably be resting on the tires. It’s important to have your springs inspected for wear and corrosion. Once your springs are worn out the closer your vehicle will become to the ground or even seem to lean more to one side. As your springs begin to rust they stand a very good chance of actually breaking. Once this occurs the broken part of the spring could come into contact with the tire causing an immediate blow out and possible loss of control. Some struts can also be purchased complete as one assembly. Meaning they will come with the strut and the spring. There is a huge difference in purchasing the strut as a complete assembly. You may pay more up front but in the long run it will save you money.

When purchasing the strut as a assembly your also getting extra components like strut, bump stop or boot, spring, spring seat, bearing plate and mount. If the strut is already worn out the rest of these parts may not be far behind. Each time a separate component is replaced the strut and spring assembly has to be broken down. Each time this happens you have to pay labor again. At Half Price Auto Repair we believe in doing it right the first time. Our strut assemblies have a lifetime warranty. So if you’re from Belgium, Fredonia or Newburg that’s great for you because no matter what part fails it all gets replaced again for FREE. We service shocks struts and springs on all these vehicles makes and models listed below.

Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

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