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Oil Changes in West Bend, WI

Oil changes are essential for the health of your car's engine. Overall, oil change helps to promote the longevity of the car engine so it doesn't wear down way before its time. As oil is used, it becomes less effective. Debris can build up, parts can rub against each other, and your engine can overheat — all causing damage to your vehicle that might require an engine repair.

Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend offers the best oil changes in town at our auto repair shop. You can either schedule an appointment or swing by — either way, we'll be here. While you're here, we can check the air in your tires, evaluate your windshield wipers, top off your windshield wiper fluid, and other little things that can be annoying when they don't work. Below, we'll take a more in-depth look at what oil does for your car. Stop by our auto repair shop today!



Perhaps the most important function of oil in your car is lubrication. Lubricant helps protect your car's engine from wear and tear by ensuring that the forces of moving parts against one another are minimized. Engine oil causes the movement of these forces to be smooth and controlled, so that the metal parts don't wear away.

Cools Your Engine

Engines naturally generate heat as they run. Component parts run together and rub together, creating friction and heat. That heat can quickly elevate to dangerous levels beneath the hood of your vehicle if something wasn't done to help cool it down. Engine oil helps to absorb this heat so that your engine can continue to operate without overheating.

While many people believe that antifreeze is responsible for the cooling of your car's engine, this is only partially true. Antifreeze in your radiator cools the upper portion of your car's engine. The lower portion's friction is cooled by motor oil. This includes cooling friction from your crankshaft, timing gears, camshaft, pistons, and more.

Helps to Clean the Engine

As the oil is moved throughout your engine, it pulls any dirt, grime, or road debris, such as fall leaves, out of the engine where it congregates in your oil filter, which is often changed at the time of an oil change.

Helps with Performance

Some motor oils are designed to restore your engine. These are special blends of motor oil, such as synthetic blends or engine oil made for engines with high-mileage on them. Some of these oils can help fill worn areas of cylinder walls to reduce blow-by and can help to restore compression as well. Many help to reduce friction and remove dirt from the engine. Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend can make recommendations on engine oil additives based on your car's needs.


Half-Price Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated car repair shop in West Bend where we strive to treat everyone like family. We not only help you with all your auto repair needs and oil changes, but we do our best to help educate you when it comes to car repairs.

Walk-Ins Welcome!

Oil changes are essential to the prolonged health of your vehicle’s engine. Such an important service can’t be skipped, which is why Half-Price Auto Repair makes it easy for drivers in West Bend, Wisconsin to visit our shop for service. We gladly accept walk-in customers, so you can drop in anytime for a fast oil change and get right back on your way. We understand that you can’t spend all day waiting for your vehicle, but we also want to make sure your car is cared for so that it can continue running reliably. Our team provides simple, speedy maintenance service so that nothing stands in the way of your vehicle’s optimal health. Visit us today at 605 North Main Street for your next service. Enjoy the scenic views of the Riverfront Parkway while you wait — although it won’t be long before your vehicle will be ready to go again!

Why You Need Oil Changes

When you take just a few minutes to visit our location for an oil change, you secure your vehicle’s future power and durability. The clean oil coursing through the engine will lubricate components so they continue running smoothly. That ensures optimal power and efficiency. New motor oil also cleans away dirt and grime, protecting against the damage of overheating and corrosion. That ensures parts last for their full lifespan — so you get the most out of your engine and investment. But there’s the inevitable fact that motor oil will age, and with time it loses its ability to protect the engine. That’s why most vehicles need oil changes a few times a year to refresh the system. Regular oil changes keep your engine in top condition mile after mile, so you always drive the best version of your vehicle! In addition, you get peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is properly cared for. You won’t have to worry about repairs or breakdowns associated with poor engine function.

Schedule Ahead of Time

Want to reserve a time for your next oil change? Use our online scheduling system to select an appointment that fits your schedule! Our ASE Certified auto technicians will be ready and waiting to perform your service, along with any other maintenance items your vehicle may need. Why not take care of your vehicle’s preventive services all at once? Our industry experts work with all makes and models to keep them in top condition. Our location in West Bend, Wisconsin is the perfect place to handle your vehicle’s minor maintenance beyond just oil changes. We can keep your entire car healthy throughout its lifespan, so you always feel confident in its power, efficiency, durability, and dependability. For more information, speak with one of our friendly staff members! They would be happy to answer any of your questions by phone (262) 707-3927 or in person! We look forward to hearing from you!

Oil changes are important as part of your overall car maintenance program. We also recommend regular tune-ups, tire changes, fluid flushes, and the like. Keeping your car running efficiently and effectively doesn't require a lot of work, but it does require a bit of attention nonetheless. Call our auto repair shop today!

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