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Half-Price Auto Repair Servicing Brakes Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. If you're searching for brake repair near Cedar Lake, WI, call Half-Price Auto Repair. We service all makes all models of brakes. From brake pads brake rotors calipers master cylinders, we service brakes for Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. We offer the best warranty in the automotive brake industry. Lifetime warranty brake pads lifetime warranty calipers lifetime warranty master cylinders almost all our brake components that we service for Cedar Lake, Wisconsin come with a lifetime warranty. Custom-made brake lines ABS units and traction control systems are all components that we service or replace for Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. Best warranty best parts 5-star service that's what we offer our customers from Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.

We service exhaust for Cedar Lake, WI. Muffler installations resonators catalytic converters. If you don't pass emissions because of the catalytic converter Half-Price Auto Repair services catalytic converter systems for Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. We offer varieties of catalytic converters. Direct fit OEM catalytic converters or even cut to fit aftermarket catalytic converters that we weld in. When it comes to your vehicle's exhaust system, we provide more options more parts, and exhaust warranties you can count on. Flex pipes for Cedar Lake, Wisconsin is just another great service we provide. Direct fit flex pipes or aftermarket flex pipes can also be welded depending on the location and condition of the rest of the exhaust.

When it comes to your vehicle's tires, not all tires are made equal. Winter tires, all-season tires, rain tires, it may sound like only three options but there are literally hundreds of tires to choose from. Shopping around works great if you're comparing the EXACT same tires. Walmart, Fleet Farm, Goodyear, and Firestone all offer tires but what are you getting if you don't compare the EXACT same tire. Just because one place is cheaper than the next doesn't mean the tires the same just cheaper. Tire installation and tire sales Cedar Lake, Wisconsin is just another great service Half-Price Auto Repair offers. We offer Cedar Lake, WI more brands of tires for sale. More tire options affordable tire pricing better service. Tire mounting tire balancing wheel alignments Cedar Lake, Wisconsin serviced at Half-Price Auto Repair. Anyone can offer a tire that holds air. We offer tires you can afford and tires that make sense.

Automotive A/C and A/C recharge Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. If your vehicle needs air conditioning work and you're near Cedar Lake, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair keeps you cool offering AC compressors at a price you can afford. Condenser's evaporator AC lines are just some of the A/C services We offer for your vehicle. Don’t let your family suffer this year with no A/C, call Half-Price Auto Repair Servicing A/C Cedar Lake, Wisconsin Recharge, and complete A/C service and Repair. Front or Rear A/C no problem. AC compressors, AC condensers, evaporators.

Transmission and engines servicing Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. Radiators, radiator hoses, cooling system flushes, thermostats, belts, blower motor, wipers, wiper Motors, and tune-up Cedar Lake, WI.

Lube Oil filter Cedar Lake, Wisconsin. One Oil change for FREE includes up to 5 quarts of oil and filter semi syn. Full synthetic oil changes $30 Cedar Lake, Wisconsin.