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Wheel alignment is something you notice when driving down the road — but you usually only notice that your wheels are out of alignment when you go to take a drink of your morning coffee, let go of the wheel, and your car begins to drift to the side of the road.

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  • Uneven wear on your tires
  • Your steering wheel is constantly pulling to the side while driving
  • Your steering wheel vibrates
  • Your steering wheel is crooked while driving
  • Poor handling
  • Tires squeal

Wheel Alignment in West Bend, WI

As a driver, safety is always your number one priority. Cars weigh thousands of pounds, and thanks to the law of physics, your car does not want to stop when it's in motion. Stopping a thousand pound vehicle takes a lot of force, effort, and energy. You want to ensure you have complete control over your car in order to ensure you are one one stopping your car.

Half-Price Auto Repair is a family-owned local auto repair shop in West Bend. We've been proudly serving our community since 2004 with the best auto repair services. Our ASE certified technicians love helping our customers fix their vehicles and get back on the road safely. We offer free diagnoses and estimates, as well as free shuttle services. Our mission is to make your car repair as stress-free as possible. Below, we'll go over a bit more in-depth the signs that you may need a wheel alignment service. Call our auto repair shop, or schedule your appointment online today!


Pulling By Your Wheel
This is usually the sign that most people notice first that something is off with their wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is really an adjustment to your car's suspension system. The suspension system is what connects your car's wheels to the body of the vehicle. During a wheel alignment service, the angle of your tires will be adjusted so that they make proper contact with the road. When your wheels are out of alignment, it causes uneven wear on your tires, impacts handling, and ultimately impacts safety as well. When your vehicle drifts when you let go of the wheel, this is a classic sign that your vehicle's wheels need to be aligned.

Uneven Tire Wear
Uneven wear on your tires is another sign your vehicle could need an alignment. When your wheels are out of alignment, the point of contact they make with the road is thrown off, leading to one side of your tire hitting the ground much more frequently than the other. Usually the tread will be smooth on one side and sharp on the other. If you suspect uneven tire wear, stop by Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend for a free inspection today!

Steering Wheel is Off-Center While Driving

If your steering wheel is constantly in a state of turning or at an odd angle, odds are, you need an alignment. You'll need both the front and the rear wheels pointing straight in the shape of a rectangle in order to resolve the matter.

Vibrating Steering Wheel
As we mentioned earlier, a wheel alignment is truly fixing your car's suspension system. Sometimes when you hit a big pothole or a curb, your wheels can be knocked out of alignment, which will cause your steering wheel to vibrate. Oftentimes, your car's wheels end up pulling in opposite directions of each other. This is most definitely a reason to stop by your local auto repair shop in West Bend to have checked out because this can lead to more serious problems down the road.

Poor Handling 
Handling specifically refers to the way your car responds in turns. Handling is important for safety since your car is less likely to lose control if you have to swerve quickly to avoid road debris or an animal if your handling is in good positioning. Your car's suspension (and thus wheel alignment) controls how your car handles. Thus, when your wheels are out of alignment, the safety of you and the occupants are at risk in an emergency. It's best to have your car checked out by an auto mechanic in West Bend as soon as possible.

As much as you drive everyday and you rely on your vehicle to take you places, you need to ensure it is functioning at its peak capacity. As you can see, having a wheel alignment service is crucial to the operation and safety of your vehicle. You will save money in the long run since the tires won't wear out due to uneven wear and tear, and you'll save your suspension system. Moreover, you'll have peace of mind that your car is running smoothly. Invest in a free diagnostic and care inspection with our auto mechanics today!

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