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If your vehicle could talk and you live in Jackson, WI, your vehicle would ask for Half-Price Auto Repair! Тhat's because at Half-Price Auto Repair we offer quality parts and service that your vehicle needs to perform its best. If your car doesn't start and you live in Jackson, WI, we offer starters, alternators, and batteries to get you moving in no time. If your car is pulling to the left or to the right stop into Half-Price Auto Repair today! We offer everyone from Jackson, WI free alignment checks. We also offer a variety of tires for your car or truck so when it comes to tire deals or tire specials in Jackson, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair tire deals will not be beaten, Half-Price Auto Repair near Jackson, WI offers 75 Tire brands, computerized alignments, tire monitor programming, tire mounting, balancing, free rotations, tire disposal, all included in our prices making, Half-Price Auto Repair the only place to go near Jackson for tires.

If your vehicle needs brakes is there really any other place to stop but Half-Price Auto Repair! Brake pads in Jackson, WI, rotors, calipers, master cylinders, custom-made brake lines, brake hoses, brake bleeding, are just a small example of the many things, we offer our customers from Jackson, WI.

Exhaust systems mufflers, resonators, catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, almost all of our exhaust parts in Jackson, WI, come with a lifetime warranty only at Half-Price Auto Repair exhaust and muffler repairs.

When it comes to Lube Oil filter in Jackson, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair is offering a free oil change for all first-time customers from Jackson, WI, making Half-Price Auto Repair the obvious choice when it comes to all your oil change and auto repair needs.

Half-Price Auto Repair offers Jackson, WI, a full line of car repair truck repair and mechanics that can get the job done. Transmissions in Jackson, WI, is also offered by Half-Price Auto Repair because we offer a lot of choices when it comes to your vehicle's transmission. We have 3-year warranty transmissions, 2-year warranty transmissions, 1-year warranty transmissions, 6 months warranty transmissions, and Engines near Jackson, WI. When it comes to engines and you're from Jackson, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair is highly recommended because we offer new engines rebuilt engines, and used engines everything that will fit all your car or truck engine in Jackson, WI. Shocks, struts, control arms, tie rods, ball joints, everything that goes clunk and bump in the night, Half-Price Auto Repair services Jackson, WI.

In Jackson, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair never let them see you sweat because we offer AC repair near Jackson, WI. That's right, Half-Price Auto Repair installs air conditioning condensers, A/C compressors, AC recharge, and so much more.

Emission repairs in Jackson, Wisconsin! Once again Half-Price Auto Repair is the clear choice. EGR valves, Evap problems, Check engine light, catalytic converters, smoke tests, fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel lines, fuel filler necks, gas tanks, 02 sensors and so much more. Belts, hoses, radiators, timing belts, timing chains, water pumps, stop into Half-Price Auto Repair your vehicle will thank you.