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Hard to find Auto Repair in Richfield, WI? Look no further than Half-Price Auto Repair servicing auto repair Richfield, WI. Richfield, WI, is very limited to automotive repair places, so Half-Price Auto Repair offers services to Richfield, WI.

Yes, we are worth the trip offering a free oil change to all first-time customers. Lube Oil filter in Richfield, WI includes up to 5 quarts semi-synthetic motor oil and oil filter and $30 for full synthetic. When it comes to oil changes nobody beats Half-Price Auto Repair $20 oil change. So, if you're looking for an oil change in Richfield, WI, Half-Price Auto Repair is your perfect choice.

Brake service Richfield, WI, includes brake rotors, brake pads, master cylinders, calipers, and ABS or traction control systems. Half-Price Auto Repair brake service Richfield, WI is hard to beat because we offer the best warranty, the best parts at a price that's more than fair. Brake hoses and custom-made brake lines are just another brake service in Richfield, WI. Tire repair, tire replacement, tire balancing, tire sales, tire mounting in Richfield, WI, is another great service we provide in Richfield, WI because we offer 75 brands of tires Cooper Uniroyal, Kumho, Michelin just to name a few. Tires in Richfield, WI include tire mounting, tire balancing, cleaning the rim, sealing the rim, tire disposal, lifetime tire rotations, and free tire patching if patchable.

Air conditioning service in Richfield, WI. Automotive A/C includes AC compressors air conditioning condensers. Car A/C recharge in Richfield, WI, and truck A/C recharge is another service we provide our customers. Full line of automotive air conditioning and A/C services in Richfield, WI.

Car Mufflers in Richfield, WI, Truck Mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters, resonators, flex pipes and so much more. Looking for truck manifolds in Richfield, WI installation? We install truck manifolds, catalytic converters, mufflers Y pipes, and everything your truck exhaust system needs we do it all. Complete car exhaust in Richfield, WI, flex pipes mufflers, complete exhaust Richfield, WI repair, replacement, and installations.

Take the clunk out of your trunk with complete suspension service and repair in Richfield, WI. Shocks in Richfield, WI, Struts, alignments, ball joints, tie rod ends, upper control arms, lower control arms, idler arms, Pitman arms in Richfield, WI, car alignment, Truck Maintenance.

Check engine light code read in Richfield, Wisconsin, and automotive diagnostics. Engine replacements in Richfield, WI. Rebuilt engines, used engines, intake manifolds. Transmission replacement in Richfield, Wisconsin, and clutch replacement.