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No need to travel any further than Half-Price Auto Repair servicing Slinger, WI, with tires mounting, and balancing of tires. We also service Slinger, WI, wheel alignments, tire monitors, valve stem replacement. With over 75 brands of tires to choose from Slinger, Wisconsin, has choices when it comes to tires don't just settle for whatever Walmart or Fleet Farm sells you're also not limited to just Goodyear tires or Firestone Half-Price Auto Repair offers Slinger, Wisconsin, tire choices and more tire choices then just about anyone giving you the edge over all our competitors. By offering you more brands than anyone else we can offer you better prices than anyone else. Not only can we offer you better pricing but when it comes to servicing tires in Slinger Wisconsin, we have varieties for any budget in any application.

If winter is any indication of what summer temperatures are going to be like you are going to need air conditioning this year. Automotive air conditioning Slinger, Wisconsin, offered to you at Half-Price Auto Repair. Slinger, Wisconsin is extremely limited on its choice of air conditioning repair options. At Half-Price Auto Repair we offer Slinger, WI, air conditioning repairs with a quick turnaround. Half-Price Auto Repair installs AC compressors, AC condensers, AC diagnostics, in Slinger Wisconsin same-day service. So, if you live in Slinger, Wisconsin, and your vehicles blowing cold air this summer contact Half-Price Auto Repair and get your AC recharge today.

Can’t stop? Half-Price Auto Repair services Slinger, Wisconsin’s brakes. We offer brake pads, brake rotors, calipers, master cylinders near Slinger, Wisconsin. Our mechanics are very thorough and experienced in your vehicle's brake system. We offer same-day service on most brake jobs so if you need brakes in Slinger, Wisconsin, stopover at Half-Price Auto Repair, go for a nice river walk, or sit by our fireplace watch some cable TV while we install your calipers pads and rotors usually within an hour or two. So if you need brake pad service in Slinger, WI, ABS traction control, or custom-made brake lines there is only one place to call Half-Price Auto Repair.

Muffler service Slinger, Wisconsin, muffler installation Half-Price Auto Repair. Mufflers catalytic converters near Slinger, WI, if your vehicle does not pass emissions in Slinger, WI, and you need a catalytic converter the choice is simple to call Half-Price Auto Repair; we install catalytic converters new and aftermarket along with universal catalytic converters saving you hundreds. We also install resonators flex pipes for Slinger, Wisconsin, and complete exhaust. We service car and truck exhaust for Slinger, Wisconsin truck manifold and most of our exhaust comes with a lifetime warranty you can't beat that and nobody offers you a better deal than Half-Price Auto Repair except maybe your brother.

Mechanics, car repair, auto repair Slinger, Wisconsin no matter how you type it in Half-Price Auto Repair is always worth the trip.

Engine replacement, transmission replacement Slinger, Wisconsin, engine diagnostics, suspension, shocks, struts, tune-ups, water pumps, radiators, check engine lights, emissions, fuel pumps, starters, alternators, batteries - we do it all.

Free oil change Slinger, WI for every first time and existing customers only offered at Half-Price Auto Repair; Lube Oil Filter Slinger, Wisconsin, Oil Change Slinger, Wisconsin, semi synthetic, full synthetic, includes oil filter and oil no big trucks or diesels.