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Never fear Half-Price Auto Repair is near Germantown, WI! So if you're in need of a mechanic auto repair or car repair look no further in Germantown, WI then Half-Price Auto Repair. We have everything your vehicle needs. Germantown, WI, it's a beautiful city but not if you're stuck at home with a flat tire or stuck in a ditch because your car tires are bald. Half-Price Auto Repair offers more brands of tires than just about any of our competitors. Car tires, truck tires, SUV tires, Half-Price Auto Repair Germantown Has you covered. We are worth the trip from Germantown because we offer the best prices and the best service when it comes to your vehicle's automotive tires and safety. That's because we offer 75 brands of tires for every application, every budget, and every person driving habit. Half-Price Auto Repair knows what Customers want and we know Germantown, WI, wants options when it comes to tires - don’t sacrifice safety for price. Germantown can afford good tires if they roll on into Half-Price Auto Repair for car and truck tires today. Cooper, Uniroyal, Michelin, Goodyear, and so many more top brands.

If you're driving from Germantown, WI to West Bend, WI, don't roll on past stop into Half-Price Auto Repair today and get your free brake inspection. We offer Germantown, WI superior performance, brake pads, carbon composite rotors, brake lines, hoses, with lifetime warranty calipers, lifetime pads - Germantown, WI at a price you can actually afford.

We offer so much more than just car brakes for Germantown, WI - like automotive air conditioning AC. Germantown, WI, gets hot in summer and when it does your vehicle's AC system comes into demand don't just trust your AC to anybody. Half-Price Auto Repair offers Germantown, WI, the best price service and warranty when it comes to your vehicle's air conditioning. A/C compressors, condensers, evaporators, and receiver driers are just some of the services we offer - Germantown, WI A/C repair.

There is nothing more embarrassing than a loud exhaust driving through Germantown, WI, except the annoying blue and red lights flashing in your mirror all because you need a muffler. Half-Price Auto Repair installs and repairs mufflers for Germantown, WI, including resonators, catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds, for Germantown, WI and we are your one-stop-shop for all your exhaust.

Engine and transmission replacement in Germantown, WI! Half Price Auto Repair does it once again with top-quality - new engines, rebuilt engines, remanufactured engines, and used engines. Rebuilt transmissions, new transmissions, and used transmissions are what we offer in Germantown, WI, but only if you make the call to Half-Price Auto Repair today.

Oil change in Germantown, WI has never gone easier than Half-Price Auto Repair. We offer Lube Oil filter at a price worthy of a trip to Half-Price Auto Repair. Free oil change just for making the trip from Germantown, WI to Half-Price Auto Repair. We offer real service, quality parts, and a warranty you can actually count on so if you live in Germantown, WI and your vehicle need car repair stop in Half-Price Auto Repair today.

Complete suspension and front end repair, tie rod ends, lower ball joints, upper control arms, lower control arms, alignments, shocks, struts, all services we performed for Germantown, WI at Half-Price Auto Repair.