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Anytime the words "transmission repair" are uttered, dollar signs start spinning in your head. Everyone immediately thinks that a transmission repair is expensive. While this can certainly be the case, it isn't always. In fact, it could be a minor component causing your transmission to act up that is an easy and more affordable auto repair.

Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend offers the best car repair services, including transmission repair. From replacing your tires to fixing oil leaks, we've got your auto repair needs covered. Our expert car repair technicians have years of experience of diagnosing and repairing cars and trucks. When your car or truck needs a tune-up or brake service, we can help.

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  • Gears are struggling to shift
  • Gears are slipping
  • Strange, burning smells
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Weird, unusual noises
  • Check engine light

Transmission Repair

No one wants a transmission problem. After all, your transmission holds the gearbox, which is responsible for your car actually moving. The gears create the car engine's power. The different gears in your gearbox control how much power your engine receives. You've probably noticed this as you downshift gears when going down steep roads. Otherwise, you'd have no way to control the power your engine is receiving, and your car engine would wear out a lot faster.

Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend offers transmission repair for when your car or truck needs it. In addition, we provide a whole slew of auto repair services, from oil changes and fixing flat tires to car AC repair, brake repair, and spark plug replacements. We always put our customers first and make sure that when they leave, their car or truck is in tip-top working order. Below, we'll explain some common signs that your transmission may need repair. Contact our auto repair shop to get started!


Transmission Slipping
Transmission slipping occurs while you are driving. This is when you are driving and, not of your choosing, the transmission changes gears for no identifiable reason. You will feel this happening as your car or truck will likely jerk forward really fast, or slow down all of a sudden. This can be very dangerous if you are driving down the road. If you feel your transmission slipping, you should immediately drive your car or truck to the nearest local auto repair shop, such as Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend for a transmission repair.

Transmission Not Shifting Gears
This is another serious sign that your transmission needs repairs, although not quite as dangerous. For this problem, it could be that your transmission merely needs more transmission fluid, or there is the wrong kind of transmission fluid in your vehicle. Other causes are low levels of transmission fluid, clogged filters, or a bad pump. When your transmission won't shift gears, you will notice:

  • A shift in gear while just driving down the road
  • A jerking when your vehicle does shift gears
  • A delay when your vehicle tries to shift gears
  • A feeling like the gear is falling out of place
  • A "clunk" or "thud" noise as your car shifts
  • Difficulty in getting up to speed

If your transmission is not shifting properly, you will most likely need a transmission repair. Head on over to Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend, and we'll get you taken care of.

Strange, Burning Smells
If you smell strange burning smells from your vehicle, there are many possible causes, but one of the most common is a problem with your transmission. This is caused by your gears overheating as they work to produce the power for your car, most probably from friction. Most commonly, your transmission fluid is low, or you have a transmission fluid leak. You will often be able to smell the transmission fluid as well. If you suspect your car or truck's transmission is overheating, visit your local auto repair shop, such as Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend. Your transmission is in danger of blowing should you ignore the issue.

Weird, Unusual Noises
When your transmission begins to go bad (as every transmission does due to wear and tear), it is at least kind enough to inform you of it. For one, you will hear it as it makes sounds akin to annoying bugs on a hot summer night. You may hear humming, whining, buzzing, or other weird unusual sounds coming from your car that you haven't heard before. You may also notice a wobble noise as your gears shift. If you have a manual transmission, it will gratingly grind its way into gear as you shift. Weird, unusual noises are a sign you should schedule an appointment with your local auto repair shop in West Bend for a transmission repair right away.

Check Engine Light
Vehicles have come a long way since the "good ol' days." New cars are now sophisticated machines powered by computer technology that keeps your car's systems running smoothly. They also alert you to problems, such as low tire pressure, low fuel, and an engine problem.

While your car can't tell you what hurts like humans can, it will tell you something is wrong. When your check engine light comes on, it's always a good idea to have it checked out by a professional auto repair technician, such as Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend. Your auto repair shop can often read your car's computer chip and get a good idea of the problem before diving into diagnostics.

Fluid Leak
In general, anytime you notice fluid underneath your car or truck when you pull out of the driveway, it's not a good sign. This means something is leaking and needs to be repaired right away before any permanent damage is done. Your transmission is designed to be a contained system and should not leak, which means if your transmission is leaking, you will most likely need a transmission repair. Transmission fluid is usually bright red, or sometimes dark red or brown, making it quite distinguishable. Transmission fluid is not something Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend recommends that you undertake yourself, as the wrong kind of fluid can severely damage your transmission. You should have your vehicle checked right away at your local auto repair shop.


Driving with a bad transmission is never recommended. First, it's unsafe to be driving a thousand pound machine when you realistically don't have control over its motor. If your car or truck unexpectedly shifts into a different gear while you are driving, this could cause you to hit someone and cause a car accident. Second, driving with a bad transmission could end up killing your transmission, causing more damage and leaving your car unable to run at all. This will probably result in a full transmission replacement service if this happens, which can be pricey. Taking your car to your local auto repair shop in West Bend is your best bet in order to minimize damage and costs of transmission repair.

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