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Half-Price Auto Repair services brakes in Myra, WI. So, if you're looking for brake pads brake rotors calipers brake lines, or brake hoses Myra, Wisconsin. Half-Price Auto Repair in Myra, WI, repairs all brakes all makes all models along with traction control and ABS braking systems.

Need tires in Myra, Wisconsin? Half-Price Auto Repair keeps Myra rolling with 75 brands of tires in Myra, Wisconsin and nobody even comes close to providing Myra, Wisconsin with car tires and light truck tires. We offer mounting and balancing and wheel alignments in Myra, Wisconsin. That's right when it comes to front-end alignments for Myra, Wisconsin 4-wheel alignments for Myra Wisconsin. Half-Price Auto Repair keeps your alignment straight down the road.

No heat or car overheating in Myra, Wisconsin? We service Radiator's thermostats in Myra, Wisconsin along with other cooling system problems for Myra, WI, like heater cores radiator flushes, and radiator hoses.

Having AC problems In Myra, Wisconsin? No problem for anyone living in Myra, Wisconsin with automotive air conditioning problems because we service everything. That's right we keep you cool in Myra, Wisconsin with the best air conditioning service and repair. We offer AC compressors for Myra, Wisconsin, AC recharge for Myra, Wisconsin, AC condensers for Myra, Wisconsin, along with A/C hoses air conditioning receiver drier for Myra, Wisconsin and so much more for your cars air conditioning system, we are your one-stop-shop in Myra, WI, for all your vehicles AC to keep you running cool all summer.

Half-Price Auto Repair in Myra, Wisconsin services mufflers resonators catalytic converters for Myra, WI. So, if your vehicle doesn't pass emissions in Myra, Wisconsin because your catalytic converter has failed contact Half-Price Auto Repair. Don't be caught with a loud muffler cruising through Myra, Wisconsin. Call Half-Price Auto Repair and have your catalytic converter resonator, exhaust manifold muffler, or tailpipe in Myra, Wisconsin replaced today.

Half-Price Auto Repair replaces transmissions and engines in Myra, Wisconsin, and offers NEW, rebuilt, or used transmissions and engines for Myra, Wisconsin. So, call Half-Price Auto Repair for your vehicle's engine and transmission replacements for Myra, Wisconsin.

If you're looking for an oil change in Myra, Wisconsin, Half-Price Auto Repair offers the best price on oil and filter replacements for anyone that lives in Myra, Wisconsin. Lube Oil and filter in Myra, Wisconsin! Half-Price Auto Repair is the only one you need to call for your vehicle's oil change.

Half-Price Auto Repair Myra, Wisconsin services ball joints outer and inner tie rod ends upper and lower control arms for Myra, Wisconsin along with wheel bearings. Half-Price Auto Repair keeps your vehicle's Wheel bearings in Myra, Wisconsin rotating smoothly. So, if you're looking for a mechanic in Myra, Wisconsin, auto repair, car repair in Myra, WI - Half-Price Auto Repair does it all and does it well.