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Half-Price Auto Repair servicing Theresa, WI.

Automotive air conditioning, A/C repair, A/C recharge Theresa, WI. At Half-Price Auto Repair, we know how expensive A/C repairs are that's why we offer the best prices around. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy some cool air during those hot summer months. We offer Theresa, WI A/C recharge, A/C compressors, A/C condensers, and more so if you live in Theresa, WI the only place you need to know about for cars AC repair is Half-Price Auto Repair. Complete air conditioning automotive service.

Lube Oil filter near Theresa, WI. We offer Lube Oil and filter-free up to 5 quarts semi-synthetic motor oil and filter for all cars SUVs and some light trucks. This offer is good for all first-time customers and existing customers. Full synthetic oil changes are also offered in Theresa, WI for $30 this also includes up to 5 quarts of semi-synthetic motor oil and filter all these prices of course are subject to change so if you're looking for an oil change in Theresa, WI stop and a Half-Price Auto Repair we have the best deals on everything.

Complete brake service and repair Theresa, WI. If your vehicle has a blown brake line contact Half-Price Auto Repair. We custom make brake lines to fit any vehicle. Brake pad replacement Theresa, WI. We install quality brake pads and rotors for cars and trucks. ABS systems and traction control is just another great service we offer along with any and all brake system diagnosis. Half-Price Auto Repair servicing Theresa, WI brakes since 2004.

Best car tire brands Half-Price Auto Repair servicing Theresa, WI. More tire brands than just about anyone means more variety and best tire prices. At Half-Price Auto Repair, we offer the best all-weather tires, summer tires, winter tires, and the best all-year tires. So, If you're looking for great tire sales we offer the best tire sales in Theresa, WI. Alignments, computerized balancing, disposal lifetime rotations offered at Half-Price Auto Repair servicing tires Theresa, WI.

Complete emission repairs Theresa, WI. Catalytic converter replacement, flex pipe, and complete exhaust system replacement. We also offer EVAP smoke testing and a full array of emission diagnostics. Exhaust manifold replacements for trucks and cars. Muffler replacement Theresa, WI. At Half-Price Auto Repair, we know exhaust and we know it well once again offering you a variety of exhaust parts that make your vehicle's exhaust repair affordable. Let's face it nowadays prices are going up but wages aren't that's why we try to give our customers an exhaust system they can afford. We give you lifetime warranty exhaust on almost every part we sell but we discount it enough to where you can afford a quality repair.

Half-Price Auto Repair servicing Theresa, WI since 2004 we are for quality automotive repair parts and service. Transmission replacement is also available along with suspension system diagnosis and repair struts and shocks everything to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Engine replacement is also something we offer used engines rebuilt engines and more. When it comes to your vehicle's cooling system and you develop overheat problems or poor heat we also install radiators, heater cores, and water pumps. There's nothing that we don't do at Half-Price Auto Repair except some programming or some airbag service. Welding exhaust is another service we offer. Tie rod ends, ball joints, control arms and complete tune-ups, timing belts, or just about anything else you can shake a stick at we've done it or seen it.