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Ah, the overlooked tires. We count on them every day of our lives more than we know. Let's face it, if you've ever had a flat tire, you aren't going anywhere any time soon. No matter how fancy your car is, you will come to a standstill when you get a flat tire. You can either use Fix-A-Flat to get you to the local auto repair store, or you'll have to call a tow truck. Either way, you'll need a new tire before you can hit the road again.

Half-Price Auto Repair offers tire sales and service in West Bend, WI. Our certified auto mechanics are waiting to serve you. Call us for your next tire service today!


A shiny and spotless new car detailing will only be as good as the wheels on your vehicle. New tires really set a car apart and are as impressive cosmetically as anything else on the car. Tires often go overlooked and don’t receive the washing, changing, and general attention that they need. Of course, new tires are like a facelift for your vehicle, and they give it a whole new look. But tires are first of all maintained for driver safety.

Tires that are worn down and losing traction are susceptible to accidents, especially in inclement weather. Sometimes, cars need to accelerate quickly from a stationary position for their own safety, and bald tires will cause wheels to spin in place. In the same way, drivers are not able to slow down as quickly as they’d like with bald tires. This may cause you to go sliding into the car in front of you, or worse into traffic. Now, we understand that these are worst-case scenarios, but the possibility, plus how unattractive bald tires make your new car look, is enough reason to stop into Half Price Auto Repair for some new tires.


In all seriousness, Half Price Auto Repair is here to make your vehicle more attractive, like a fresh haircut, as well as keep you safe. You’ll love how a new set of tires handles under your feet as they grip the highway, and help you stop on a dime. We’re the friendly repair shop to get you set up with some new tires and put you on a schedule that helps you preserve them for a long time.

Our expert wheel alignments will make sure your tire tread wears evenly, and you’re not replacing your tires before you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of them. Also, bring your car in for the occasional tire rotation, since your tires will usually wear faster in front than in the rear. In addition to the quality tires that we’ll provide, we also have our premium services to make sure you continue looking as good as you drive.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your car's tires will be road ready for the Christmas trip to grandma's house or the road trip to see your new grandbaby. Being able to confidently get in your car without worrying about your car's tires is priceless. You can schedule your next auto repair or tire service either online, in person, or by phone. Contact Half-Price Auto Repair in West Bend today!

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