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What Is a Wheel Alignment?

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Properly Aligned Wheels Make Driving Easier And Less Hazardous

A wheel alignment is a service that involves adjusting car wheel angles to meet manufacturer specifications. This is accomplished by skilled auto mechanics who use specialized tools and technology to achieve the desired wheel angles on your vehicle.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Do?
When wheels are improperly aligned, they cause uneven wear and tear to tires. Misaligned wheels can also negatively affect vehicle performance and can make it more challenging to steer. An alignment can return wheels to their proper position so tires wear evenly, and the vehicle travels straight and true.

What Are Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment?
These several signs indicate misaligned wheels. Here are a few of the most noticeable things to watch for if you suspect you need an alignment:

  • Your vehicle pulls in one direction
  • Your tires have uneven wear
  • Your steering wheel vibrates or is crooked

    If your vehicle pulls slightly or strongly in one direction, it’s an indication that your alignment is off. To test this on your vehicle, drive down a straight road. Gently lift your hands off the steering wheel for just a moment. If your car drifts or pulls sharply to one side, you need wheel alignment services in West Bend, WI, right away.

    To perform your second wheel alignment test, inspect your tires to see if the wear pattern on the treads looks the same across all four tires. If the tires on one side of the vehicle seem more worn than the tires on the other side, your wheels may be misaligned. Additionally, if any of your tires has substantial wear in one area (the outside, inside, or center), misalignment should be a real concern.

    The final wheel alignment test involves your steering wheel. If it vibrates when you drive or looks off-center when you’re driving straight, you most likely have an alignment issue.

    What Is the Next Step?

    If you have any suspicions that your vehicle has an alignment problem, take it to a skilled mechanic for service. To set up your appointment with Half-Price Auto Repair, call us today or use our convenient online form.